Business info

Schultink Family Trust

ABN: 79 297 924 142

Trading as:

Overlander Mobility

Phone: 0433 122 798

Email: info at or go to the Contact page.


NDIS: Registered NDIS provider. Provider number is:


This means that if you need a Terrain Hopper Overlander you can apply for funding through NDIS.

Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods

The Terrain Hopper Overlander is registered on the ARTG. From the TGA website:

Summary for ARTG Entry: 342353 Schultink Family Trust - Multi-terrain sports wheelchair, electric-motor-driven.

Overlander Mobility Address:
5 Mulquiney Crescent
Victoria 3216

Bank Details
BSB:         302-162
Account:   0955421
Name:       Overlander Mobility