On the beach, with the Terrain Hopper Overlander!

Beach access, near Torquay, Victoria, Australia

Beach access, near Torquay, Victoria, Australia. Walking through soft sand is always difficult, and especially so if you have limited mobility. And if you are wheelchair bound it is impossible! But not on a Terrain Hopper Overlander 4ZX! You can do the beach again!

Anglesea, Victoria.

Walking with family on the beach at Anglesea, Victoria, Australia

On the beach at Anglesea today. Cloud cover everywhere, but not at Anglesea! It is the light coming in under the clouds that gives this pic the lovely warmth that it has.

We circumnavigated the river mouth - the Anglesea river. At the beach end we had to cross the river. Not very deep, maybe 6 inches max. Trudi hitched a ride on the back of the Overlander to save getting her feet wet!

Then along the path and boardwalk through the salt marsh. Stopped at a nicely developed play park where a few Dads were watching their kids on the skateboard ramp. They were quite intrigued by the Overlander. They wondered if it would go up the steps - just a couple of steps up to a barbecue area - and were suitably impressed when the Overlander went straight up. We stopped and chatted for a while. I did not miss the opportunity to give each an Overlander business card! June 2017


After walking along the beach for quite a way we came to the concrete ramp that leads up to the local caravan park and walk tracks. Going up was pretty straight forward. The Overlander handled the steep incline with ease. December 2016

A pleasant walk along the beach at Anglesea, Victoria. Here you have the Overlander doing what it's meant to do - allow people to rejoin their families in the ordinary activities of life, like going for a walk on the beach. We were out for about 3 hours, which I could not have done without the Overlander. Terrain Hopper have made an awesome machine. They can be justifiably proud of a first rate product.

Being able to spend time on the beach with family was one of the reasons I purchased an Overlander by Terrain Hopper. As you can see from this video, the Overlander handles the beach with ease. My wife loves to fossick among the plentiful shells you can see on the beach - and she found some great specimens! I went for a run up to the breakwater you can see in the distance. Then we went for a lengthy 'walk' together down the beach, then into Port Fairy, and eventually back to the car. To walk that distance would have been straight out impossible for me. With the Overlander I was able to do it easily. December 2016

So, is the Overlander worth the expense? The freedom it gives you is worth every cent, and then some!

You can begin to dream again! Check out the Overlander 4ZX here.

The day was windy and cold when we went for a test drive at Thirteenth Beach, near Barwon Heads. But The Overlander handled the conditions easily! This is just a brief video. September 2016.

The Overlander is available to experience now. Ring -- 0433 122 798 -- to make an appointment.

Sunset on the beach, near Torquay, Victoria, Australia

Now you can join the peaceful walks down the beach. As far as you want to go. You can sit quietly. You can go fishing. Now you can! Terrain Hopper Overlander 4z.

Watch this space for videos and pics of the adventures on the beach!

All pics are Copyright © Willem Schultink

The Overlander is available to experience now. Ring -- 0433 122 798 -- to make an appointment.

Franklin Abbott on the beach in Florida, USA

This pic gives you an idea of how the Overlander by Terrain Hopper goes on the beach. Franklin Abbott on the beach in Florida, USA. Note the larger tyres Franklin Abbott has fitted for soft sand beach use. Each Overlander is built to the customer's requirements so you can have exactly the options you need. More info here.

This pic is Copyright © Franklin Abbott
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The Overlander is available to experience now. Ring -- 0433 122 798 -- to make an appointment.