Franklin Abbott, from Florida in the USA

Franklin Abbott with his dog on his Overlander

Franklin Abbott on his Overlander, on the beach in Florida, USA

Franklin Abbott, from Florida in the USA: "Absolutely love my TerrainHopper so does my dog Tippet. We go every where in it"

I have been in contact with Franklin Abbot in Florida, who has had an Overlander by Terrain Hopper for a while now. You can see by his comments that he is pretty happy with it.

Hi Willem, I just found your message. I absolutely love my TerrainHopper. It is everything I expected and has given me freedoms I have not had in 30 years. I use mine to perform nature and landscape photography that before was shot out of the window of my SUV. Now I can go to the places I could only dream of before. To me the expense was well worth every penny. The price of freedom. Please keep in touch!!

The Overlander is available to experience now. Ring -- 0433 122 798 -- to make an appointment.

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